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Promotional Marketing, Events, Consulting & Education

Wine & Spirits

We are a group of professionals that can be called upon through a large variety of circumstances to ensure accurate representation while facilitating superior customer interaction. Expand product awareness and increase sales with our professional brand ambassadors. Let our staff educate the consumer, provide samples of the product, create brand awareness while assisting in product sales, and furnish you with a recap of the tasting event. 

All types of professionals could benefit from wine and spirits training. Tastings will personalize a training program to meet the needs of our clients, with focus options such as mixology, history, or tricks to pair wine with food and spirits.

Tastings professionals will work within a given budget to consult, or purchase on your behalf, the wine for private and professional cellars. Tastings will incorporate wines that work within your palate and food choices, we can help you develop a diverse selection for immediate consumption and ideal cellaring.

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