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Getting Started!

I am convinced - if you can write in pretty penmanship on a bottle, you can engrave one!

Materials -

** A drill that can spin at 30-35000 rpms with diamond burs!

**You will need glass! Wine bottles (empty or not!) or anything from the dollar tree! They have clear glass plates, wine glasses, beer mugs for $1 each- Generally it is suggested you start with something flat like a plate or picture frame, but I feel like we can work with whatever you guys can come up with! **A fine tip sharpie and/or an all surface (glass) stabilo pencil. A magic eraser and rubbing alcohol takes sharpie right off the glass no problem and is easier to start with because its not going to wipe off as you learn - so don't worry about the pencil just yet unless you already happen to own one. **Eye protection and a dust mask! Glasses or safety glasses both work. You just want to protect your eyes from the glass dust - or if you break something! A regular mask for dust - we should all have one already, especially these days! **An old towel to engrave on. You don't want the glass dust on your kitchen table, desk, etc **A brush to wipe glass dust with. An old make-up brush works perfect (blush size or a little bigger) a small paint brush (house painting) or an extra large art/paint brush ** If you are getting a lot of dust, you will want a little water. A small spray bottle -- think travel size-- or even just a wet cloth. This is going to depend on your project, preferences, etc. ** Rub n buff - this is the color paint pigment that you put in the engraved areas to dress them up. This is also a Michaels/craft store or Amazon purchase. You can get this with the pencil if you like engraving! You will need a small art paint brush to use this when you get to this step.

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